QUIET EARTH By Lansing Dreiden


LFL Gallery is pleased to present Lansing-Dreiden's first creative effort since the mid
-twentieth century, "Quiet Earth." A closely-knit collaborative of like-minded
 people and computers, Lansing-Dreiden seeks to adopt and re-assemble the sparse
 ideological fragments left by South American cultural producers Friedrich Lansing and
 Caspar Dreiden in the 1950s. Quiet Earth, an exhibition consisting of a series of drawings
 in addition to a 7-minute, fully animated music video, marks Lansing-Dreiden's passage
 into the new millennium.

Central to Quiet Earth is a story of two young women in a search for answers. As they
 traverse a remote, snow-covered landscape on pure intuition, they encounter direction in
 the form of suspicious machinery and animals, happening subsequently upon a strange 
trapezoidal building. With little effort, the two manage to penetrate the complex, not
anticipating the realizations that ensue as a result.    

In the exhibition Quiet Earth, the series of drawings shown alongside the video serve to
 unpack this narrative from a variety of different vantage points, while the video remains
 in the third person. There is no hierarchy linking the two formats within the context of
 the exhibition, no sequence prescribed for the drawings on display, and no specific order
 of operations with regards to their execution. This is because both Quiet Earth's central
 narrative and means of representation function as a continuous loop.  

Similarly, Lansing-Dreiden's Quiet Earth aims to create an incremental economic feedback 
loop, generating further motivation for Lansing-Dreiden, LFL Gallery, patrons and viewers 
in general. Lansing-Dreiden is itself a re-incarnation of a set of particular concepts and
 ideals. Our motivation stems initially from the regeneration of these ideas, and will
Continue to ramify and fertilize in parallel.

October 18th to November 17th 2001


531 West 26th Street

New York, New York 10001

phone 212.631.7705

fax 212.631.7705


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